Monthly Archives: November 2017

Development Status #1

Dear Mechanics!

We’re happy to present our first Development Status update, where we’ll try to post all the work done in the week.

Let’s get straight to business.

Art progress

We have re-designed our idea of how the player’s workshop building will look like:
Workshop / museum blueprint

We want to add the possibility to modify and upgrade tank mechanics work place by:

  • increasing museum size
  • buying new tools and equipment for the workshop
  • customizing look of the workshop and museum

As alweys we are open for suggestions! What would You like to customize?


Code progress

We’re working on crane system and saving system:

  • hooking and unhooking objects
  • crane physical movement
  • saving state of elements

The game will allow few cranes to be obtained, capable of lifting engine to
tank turrets.

End words

That would be all for this week. Post Your suggestions on Tank Mechanic Simulator steam discussion forums. Remember to visit Tank Mechanic Simulator and our webiste more information!