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– Head bob toggle in settings
– Mouse sensitivity slider in settings

– Storage menu can now be scrolled by using the mouse scroll (previously it was possible only when targeting the mouse over a tank part)
– Key controls are now visible when player opens this menu when ingame (through pause menu, previously it was blocked from sight)
– Screen Space reflection fix (green screen bug with GTX 600 and 700 series)
– Player won’t fall under the map when exiting the quad while upside down


– Examine, Interaction, Assembly and Disassembly key config
– Extraction Area circle to minimap
– Tank12
– An option to select the level of repairs in Storage menu
– An option to switch modules on turret and engine stands by clicking on the stand (a radial menu opens)
– An option to open customizer panel when clicking on museum stands (the customizer panel opens for selected museum stand)
– Extras with proper Development Statuses
– Added UI for list of tasks for Organizer (initial implementation)
– Added UI for mini-game (initial implementation)
– Added Patch notes panel in Menu (initial implementation)

– Interior lights toggle now works correctly in overview menu
– Weapons and other props now do not dissapear when entering the museum again.
– Tanks in paint room won’t be able to switch to different visual modes
– Sounds for tanks now work correctly, according to the audio settings
– Background UI in Tank Shop
– Correct tutorial for rust removal
– On Fastest quality level setting Screws can be now properly seen from correct distance.
– Weapons and other props have correct icons in museum customizer
– A null ref when player when switching rooms or loading other level could send input to the game, and the game tried to react to the input (for instance, crouch)
– Non-convex warnings when player used the hammer
– Extraction mission should now show correct objective when loading the scene again
– An error when a tank could be spawned and not have a slot assigned
– A null ref when the extraction pump was working
– Problems with Water hose and Punp on extraction missions (disapearing)
– Null refs with MetalDetector logic when player picked up an object while the object was inside metal detector range
– Bug when player was in tablet animation (get to hand) could click on objects in background
– An option to duplicate the museum props when selecting them in museum menu
– Bug when player opened the museum props menu for the first time (nothing was selectable, empty menu)- Metal detector should not dissapear after first drop
– An option to open tablet menu when the tablet animation was playing (this could bug out the menus)
– Extraction location objects on map Extraction3 have correct positions
– Only exclusive fullscreen will now minimize the app when the app focus is lost
– Resetting tutorial state does not cause the game to break and not spawn any contracts
– Tweaked examine mode, the mode stays on when player picks up a tool
– PPSH has correct config
– Customizer in museum now will correctly display prop placement controls (rotation)
– Situation when player could not spawn any contract when the tutorials have been reset.
– Complete overhaul of prop system (weapons and collectables management)
– Tank03 does not have 2 overlapping coaxial mg’s now
– Situation when player could finish extraction mission while the vehicle selector menu was opened. This caused a blocker error.
– Compass behaviour, added Compass Toggle Settings key
– Being unable to select proper key config setting in settings menu
– Separated highlight interesting objects and hint toggle keys
– Tank marks in shop should now be displayed in correct rows
– Display of current objective now correctly displays all required data
– various problems with Storage menu
– an option to exploit the game by opening the Radial Menu while assembling a tank part with screws
– Various problems with language setting loading
– Camera look icon representation – now the minimap should show correct line of sight.
– Crafting parts can be picked from yard Trash each 30 minutes now (previously player could exploit this system)
– Game now checks if there is an empty slot for tank when the player wants to buy a new one from shop
– Increased the price for all tanks and their blueprints.
– Shop manager’s checkout screen now behaves correctly (does not hide all content of the shop)
– River sound is now properly configured with game audio settings
– Popup lists sounds in various menus are now propery configured with game audio settings

0.9.44 [DEMO]

– Waypoint icon for Drones

– E-mails should have correct descriptions now
– Crafting, Shop and Storage menus now don’t cause problems with data management when player decides to close one of them when the menu loads a tank data
– Upgrade panel should have correct icons for demo only and full only unlocks
– Pressing cancel when Back to Base menu is openend on Extraction missions does not cause game freeze.
– Added additional colliders to jeep and quad, for collision detection when the player exits the vehicle
– Extraction 1 scene should now correctly revert the terrain data after the mission ends