Tool design

Tank Mechanic Simulator depicts the work of a tank restorer. Tank restorers face very difficult and unusual problems during restoration process.

We want to simulate the process of tank restoration. To do that properly, we need to implement alot of different tools used in the process.

As for now, we divide usable objects by the player into 3 types:

  • usable base
  • usable tool
  • usable equipable

Usable Base

This is the base of the usable object for player. Player can pick it up or drop it, with all physics included, by left clicking on the object. We’re currently using it for controlling crane (approaching crane controller and clicking on it).

Usable Tool

This usable is designed for a hammer, a grinder and an axe. For the moment.

  • Hammer

    The hammer will be useful when an element is fastened to the tank with rusted or rusted in bolts. Few swings with this baby will do the trick.
    Although the tank element gets damaged in the process, and the player will need to spend more money to repair the element.
  • Grinder

    The grinder will be useful when cutting tank elements off or out from the tank.
    In future, player will be able to manually control the angle of the grinder and the type of the grinder disk. So the player can switch between cutting and grinding the surface to get rid of rust.
  • Axe and shovel

    The axe will be useful in tank extraction section of the game, where player needs to find and extract the tank. With axe the player can cut obstacles, with shovel the player can dig to a limited depth

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