Development Status #10

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our tenth Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.


User Interface & Design

We’ve been working on basic user interface logic. Alot was designed or redesigned from scratch, including:

  • PC/Tablet usage
  • tank analisys mode
  • radial/rose menu

Most of the work was spent on radial menu implementation (which is still WIP). The main purpose of the radial menu is to be as useful for the player as possible. The menu will display options based on what the player is currently looking at.

We want to finish all design by the end of January 2018. By then every aspect of the game needs to be planned. We’re going to poll few votes to get Your opinion on most important topics 🙂



Did You know that Santa visited tank restorers this year?

Merry Christmas and see You next week! 😀


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