Development status #11 – December summary

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our eleventh Development Status update.
It is time for monthly development summary, so let’s get straight to business.

December progress:

The passing month was full of:

  • re-designing:
    • interaction with the tank
    • user interface
    • tiger tank
  • struggling with crane and chain physics
  • christmas

1. What was re-designed

a. Interaction with the tank

We’ve simplified the process of diassembling/assembling tank elements.

Player needed to enter a special mode with orbital camera, select an element and then be able to assemble or disassemble an element.
Player can disassemble or assemble any element while roaming around in free mode (fpp camera) or when in overview mode (orbital camera)

Tank inside interaction
We’re working on a method to allow player to get into the tank and roam around inside. Our ideal would be to create a system similar to Red Orchestra’s 2 tank crew role/position switching method.
With or without animations, we’ll give the player an option to switch between crew positions with radial menu (options like switch to gunner’s position, or switch to driver’s position etc.).

b. User interface

We’re getting rid of special info panel, that shows tips about object the player is currently looking at. Now when player opens up radial menu while looking at object, the options available in the menu are shown, based on the type of the object.

c. Tiger tank

Another thing to finalize is the first tank in the game – the Tiger I. We’re gathering all the data we can get, mostly about the tank interior and different Tiger unit’s history.

We’re planning to set the scenario of the Tiger extraction in eastern Europe, in a river or in a bog. Story would be, that the Tiger tank was part of a unit, that fought during the Third Battle of Kharkov. During a river crossing, the unit was attacked and the tank was damaged, falling down into the river.

The Tiger we want to implement, is the H1 version, produced between 1942- early 1943. Here’s few screenshots we took in War Thunder, to make a comparison between H1 and E versions.

War Thunder game screenshot, not our game, the Tank Mechanic Simulator. Tigers top overview.

War Thunder game screenshot, not our game, the Tank Mechanic Simulator. Tigers front overview.

War Thunder game screenshot, not our game, the Tank Mechanic Simulator. Tigers side overview.

We’re also making small fixes to the turret, the turret basket needs to be fixed to the turret. We’ll need to add a frame or tank turret holder somewhere in the workshop, to allow players to renovate the turret/barrel etc.

Our previouse approach to tank turret. Now the thing will have the turret basket fixed.

Tiger turret basket. Screenshot taken from Tank Chats #36 Tiger 131 video on Tank Museum YouTube channel.

2. Why were we struggling with crane and chain physics

For now only the chain connecting the hook and the turret is physical, the 3 chains attached to the turret are static.

As we’ve mentioned in previous monthly summary, we’ve bought Obi Rope system, that allows us to create complicated physical ropes/chain systems. The problem is we’re having is the stability of the whole construction when we connect chain that is hanging from the hook to the 3 chains connected to the turret. Whole thing gets messy both with fps drop and jittery movement.

We have two options here, either find a perfect line between performance and physics realism, or to add some kind of a option in video/performance tab in game options, to allow custom control over how much the physics should be simulated.

3. Christmas.

Yep, we’ve been eating and drinking alot. Spending time with family and other stuff. Nothing interesting here. Gathering thoughts and ideas before starting new year 😉

Next month plans:

So, to sum up, last 3 weeks were full of unspectacular job (3 weeks b/c christmas + week between christmas and new year’s eve). We want to finish the design of the game by the end of January – by that time all aspects of the game should be designed in a final state:

  • game’s economy
  • player inventory
  • tools
  • vehicles
  • workshop gameplay
  • extraction gameplay


That would be all for this week and month. We wish You a happy new year 😀

Remember to visit us on our DeGenerals discord server, where we are available most of the day (CEST zone).

Have a good day and see You next year! 😉


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