Development Status #12

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to 2018 and to our twelfth Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

As the development goes on, we’re adding more equipment and tools for the workshop gameplay.

Steel rods
Very majestic. Useful during zombie apocalypse.

This long steel rod will have different uses in tha game, for example to disassemble turret main gun. In this case Tiger I.

Inspiration taken from Tank Overhaul documentary series.

Rust Removal Tool (RRT) Player will use this tool in order to dispose rust present on the tank.

Again, inspiration taken from Tank Overhaul documentary series. 

Code Progress:

We’re working hard to finishing Radial Menu logic. With this finished, we can move on to designing how the economy works.

Economy design in short:

  • we gain money by:
    • completing contracts from other museums/ collectors etc.
    • selling tanks (completely repaired/restored tanks get most money)
    • museum exposition
  • we spend money on:
    • buying:
      • workshop equipment and tools
      • extracion vehicles/equipment
      • tanks from other museums/collectors etc.
      • workshop expansions (paint room etc.)
    • outsourcing tank element repairs/creation
  • we get new contracts based on our reputation value:
    • higher reputation – more risky jobs with high salary
    • low reputation – low risk job with low salary
    • we gain or loose reputation by completing of failing to complete a contract

That would be all for now, if You have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see You next week!



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