Development Status #15 – January summary

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to to our fifteenth Development Status update.
It is time for monthly development summary, so let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

We are still working on Tiger I model. Here is the sneek peak of work in progress results comparing “old” model with “new” remastered version of the turret.

There are still missing some components like turret basket or rear escape hatch. They are under heavy modification right now. Not ready to be shown at the moment.

Code Progress:

We have finally finished the logic to:

  • store the tanks the player currently owns,
  • based on saved data, load the tanks ingame and set up their saved state.

What has been started this week:

  • game economy manager – how to spawn new contracts for the player, when should the contracts appear
  • contracts data:
    • duration
    • urgency
    • potential salary
    • subject of the job – repair only or extract and repair?
    • tank data – what tank needs to be fixed?

This month was full of paperwork (we’ve finally opened our office), designing new features or redesigning core features of the game.

On the beginning of the month we wanted to finish the game design by the end of January. Well, it’s almost done. What’s missing? Tank extraction gameplay.

So what is the big target for the next month ? Game economy. It needs to be finished before anything else gets added – i.e. tank elements repair/creation system, getting new contracts etc. Economy needs to be working and finished so we have a good start for next milestones.

We’re also thinking about Kickstarter campaign, although it’s nothing official for now 😉

That would be all for this month, if You have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see You next week!



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