Development Status #16

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to to our sixteenth Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

While the work on the Tiger I continues and it is not ready to be show yet, here you take a look at gif representing warehouse interaction. What do you think it is outside?

Code Progress:

We’ve been working on economy and saving logic this week.

About economy progress:
New contracts or job opportunities appear in the game by new email in player’s ingame inbox.
Player can decide to accept the contract or discard it.

A contract has few important properties:

  • potential and real salary
  • potential and real reputation value (added or subtracted from player on contract end)
  • job duration and overtime times
  • urgency – based on this the salary, reputation, and maximum time values are calculated. Basicly – more urgent job – better salary but small of time to get it

We’ve added console so we can test things more easy, like adding new tanks, spawning them ingame, spawning contracts etc.

That would be all for this week, if You have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see You next week!


4 thoughts on “Development Status #16

  1. Ingame_Name_13

    Hello dear Development-Team

    I don’t have an comment, but a few questions: How many Tanks did you plan to introduce into the game? And do you think anout connecting the actual Gameplay with some Story-like Features?
    Also i thought whats about something like a Level-thing, for example that you cant restore such a thing like a Tiger I direct to beginn of the Game and the player has to start with things like the T-60 or the
    Panzer II
    Also i want to thank you, that you put that much work in this game and i hope it will be really nice at the End.

    1. Developer Post author

      Hey there Ingame_Name_13,

      Here are the answers:
      1. For the release, 3 tanks. More tanks are going to be added after the game premiere.
      2. Yes, we want to get our game as historical and educational as possible, but playable at the same time. How to do that? We’re going to explain it in one of the future weekly summary 😉
      3. It would be a good idea if we had smaller/lighter tank models, right now we do not have them (the tanks we want to add initially are the Tiger I, M4A3E8 Sherman, IS-2)

      Thanks for visiting and posting mate, it’s a big thing to us that our job gets appreciated 😉



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