Development Status #19 – February summary

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our nineteenth Development Status update.
It is time for monthly development summary, so let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

This month was great for us regarding new assets for the game. We continued to make new tools and new environemnts. We started doing animations for tools. We are close to present refreshed Tiger I model including fully modelled interior.

From new tools – here is a fresh item from shop – Welder Machine Kit

Welding Kit

That is how most of the new tools looks in the game.

As development on terrain deformations is continued we will show you progress in upcoming weeks on environment & extractions. Here grab a quick sneak peak of current progress. PBR finally is fully supported as well as tesselation.

Code Progress:

Let’s first summarize the week for the coding departament, then the month.

Week summary
We’re working on in-game store logic, where player can buy elements, tanks and tools/vehicles.
How does it work:

  • player opens up a desktop panel, by using his tablet or by accessing stationary PC
  • player clicks one of the 3 buttons for the shops (element shop, tanks shop/auction house, tools/inventory shop):
    • Element shop – generated based on the tanks owned by the player. Remember, that in real life situation, it’s almost impossible to find any part for the restored tank. Here we want to add a feature to buy an element blueprint. More about this below
    • Tanks shop/auction house – it’s where we can buy the tanks from other museums/tank collectors and maybe even military (when they sell obsolete tanks ;))
    • Inventory shop – here the player can buy new tools and inventory to repair or extract the tanks

About blueprint/crafting system:

  • With correct blueprints and tools, we can recreate the element of the tank, either in-house or by outsourcing the job.
  • When choosing in-house works, player requires tools and crafting materials (the crafting materials)
  • When choosing outsourcing works, player requires money

Month summary
This month main target for the coding departament was to hire a new programmer, and to implement ingame economy.

We have the new programmer on board, Przemek. His task is to develop a terrain deformation system, that will add some fun and challenge to the extraction mode levels (something similar to Spintires, yet simpler and doable in our project timeframe and budget).

About the economy, it is about 70% done, what needs to be finished:

  • shop logic – generating content to buy, buying it and adding to the player inventory,tanks etc. Saving it and loading.
  • contracts finalization – a logic to summarize the work of player over the tank, is it repaired etc.

For next month, we want to finish the game’s economy, implement tank extraction mode and produce a working demo of the game.

That would be all for this week. If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see you next week!





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