Development Status #3

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our third Development Status update.

Let’s get straight to business.

Art progress

Axe, flashlight and hammer models are finished.
Axe. Useful when zombies are around.

Flashlight. First You need to see what You can restore.

Hammer. Something doesn’t work? Convince it to work again with this baby.

Some cool story or situation comes to Your mind with tools mentioned above? Post it below. It’s possible it will give us an idea of how to implement the tool into the game ;).

Code progress

We’re currently designing the procedure of removing bolts from tanks. Should the player be able to cut the bolt/surrounding of the bolt to remove it? What kind of a tool can we use? Should this be only animation, or a whole interaction sequence?

We’re also working on to making our life easier in future, and creating more automatic tank setup system. This might be even a start to a modding system, that will allow players adding their own tanks into the game! 😉

That would be all for this week.

We are getting alot of feedback and suggestions from all around. Do You have some information we can use in Tank Mechanic Simulator?
Let us know by:

  • mailing to
  • post in Tank Mechanic Simulator Suggestions thread
  • visit our Tank Mechanic Simulator Discord server

Have a good day and see You next week! 🙂


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