Development Status #37

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our thirty seventh Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

M4A3 Sherman

M4A3 Sherman

M4A3 Sherman

M4A3 Sherman

Code Progress:

Unfortunately, the tutorial is still in progress. Past week was full of additional work for the coding team:

  • finishing tutorial – failed
  • tank automatic configuration script – failed

What’s left in tutorial:

The workshop tutorial is finished. All instruction and step-checking is done. We’ve finished on the part of the tutorial mode, where the workshop mode is finished, and we ask the player if he wants to start the extraction mode tutorial. This + the actual extraction mode tutorial will probably take whole next week (of implementation and testing).

What’s the tank automatic configuration script and what’s left in it:

It’s basicly a script that configures the basic setup of the tank in game. The 3d artist exports a raw .fbx model into the game. When the script is finished, all he has to do next is to “Push da button”. The raw elements should be sorted into tank modules, screws should be instantiated and parented into elements etc.

What’s left here is to auto-localize the elements based on the raw .fbx object name. Another big task is the tank element dependancy hierarchy – so each tank element knows it’s dependant elements, that need to be disassembled/assembled first for the element to be assebled/disassembled.

That would be all for this week. If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see you next week!


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