Development Status #48

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our forty eighth Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

Work in progress exterior hull model (it’s a mystery….)

Code Progress:

State of the test module implementation after this week:

  • Tiger, KV-1, KV-2, Sherman M4A3E8 test drive models are finished (some minor tweaks for wheels and tracks positions are still needed in few models, but the task is done, the player can test the tank)
  • Player can start the engine with hand crank (for now it is the only way to start the engine)
  • Player can fill the fluids of the tank (fuel, oil and coolant)
  • Player can rotate the turret (if the turret battery is mounted and repaired)

Next week todo list:

  • fixing bugs with wheels and tracks
  • M26 Pershing test drive model
  • adding fluid shader when filling the tank fluid containers
  • adding electric engine start up procedure
  • adding collision checks for the turret rotation
  • fixing reported bugs and getting a build ready


We had few requests about adding the possibility of firing the gun while in test mode. This would be a big task to be implemented properly, so we need more opinions on this. If You have an opinion in this matter, please contact us :*

That would be all for this week. If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see you next week!


6 thoughts on “Development Status #48

  1. Rutger

    mhh, a six road wheel, per side, German tank. What are the chances this is a Panzer III 😛
    No plates on the lower glacial –> No D model
    Wrong hooks on the front for a G,H model
    No added armor so far, No L+ model

    If i have to ques, its the J model?!

    About the gun. This is a mechanics game. So not a mandatory thing to add.
    But still, you might want to “test” every button in your tank to make sure everything works 🙂

  2. Angel_Arrow

    And yet again another great update for this week. You guys are really nailing it. Also you listen to the community who is suggesting things as well as asking and testing (demo). This is a community that is growing every day and the game isn’t even released yet. Which means you’re doing one hell of a job in communication! In my humble opinion that is already the start of something ment to be great !
    The new model is probably the Pz. III. Model is hard to determine.
    As for the gun firing I would say that it’s not really something that has great priority. I mean, this is a tank restoring Simulator so the player has to restore, not shooting anything. Okay, maybe some will want to test just everything, but that can always be added later in a seperate DLC with maybe a complete tank shooting range and everything instead of the yard. That shooting range /field could also be a future place to drive the tank in order to test it some more. A field with obstacles? I’m just thinking out loud here.
    I don’t really know if DLC’s afterwards is something on the agenda but it would certainly be great.

  3. Tank_Hunter

    I agree, there is no need for a gun that fires, and if it is then atleast make it shoot Blank Ammo.
    As all of the testing and shows will be done in a non combat enivorment. What about the onboard machine guns? Will these work aswell? Will all these firearms be able to reload by the player?

    Keep up the awesome work!

  4. JCamp

    As far as firing the gun it would be cool but not necessary for one very good reason. I have worked with a tank restoration crew in the past and for museum and or parade tanks they plug the breach of the barrel so the exterior of the tank looks right but no ammunition can be fit into the guns making it safe for civilian populace.

  5. Sam

    I run some ex Mod h/w soft skin bit still in the 20+ Ton category, 5l oil and coolant containers? Gonna need a few of them ;-p I’ve just bought over 250l of OEP220 for 1 truck.. and that’s just the tranny.. looks nice mind 🙂


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