Development Status #5

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our fifth Development Status update.

Let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress

Pistol wrench model is finished.

Pistol wrench. Should be useful with rusted bolts.

With this baby finished, we encounter another design decision.
Should the model be used as any other tool, the player needs to manually aim with the pistol to use it, or should the pistol just appear when player removes the bolt with mouse clicks(look at Car Mechanic Simulator bolt/screw interaction system, where player just aims with mouse pointer on the bolt + is pressing right moust button)?

Code Progress

Reworking tools system. We wanted to finish the grinder interaction system this week. Well, we’ve failed.

How the grinder will work?

  • picks the grinder
  • approaches an element/module of the tank that he wants to grind/cut
  • clicks left mouse button to select an element
  • gets switched to a special control mode, where player can orbit with camera around the selected element. WIth left click an interaction is started, depending on current grinder control mode selected (cut, grind etc.)

How we want to expand this system: Don’t force the player to use a control mode, instead let him manually control the angle of the grinder. This would allow implementing more interesting stuff like allowing the disc/blade to break if pressured too hard under wrong angles.

That would be all for this week.

Remember to visit us on our DeGenerals discord server, where we are available most of the day (CEST zone).

Have a good day and see You next week! 🙂


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