Development Status #53 – October Summary

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our fifty-third Development Status update – the October summary
Let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

From art department we made huge step forward. From finished Warehouse1 level including more rooms to be unlocked to new panels in UI, as well as improvements in our own shaders we are using in the game. To support new features whom will come with Paint Room.

Workshop default room + Office + Crafting Table + Paint Room

View from the editor

Tank Test Drive layout located outside Workshop in Warehouse1 level.

UI Concept for Paint Room

Code Progress:

The paint room has not yet been finished. We have a delay with this milestone.

We can successfully paint the tank in a special test scene, although implementation of this system in our game is taking us more time than expected.

We’re also working on how the game loads custom content, we want to integrate it with the Steam Workshop system.

What is the plan for the November:

  • finishing the tasks from October
  • adding doable suggestions to the game (we will present these suggestions in each next weekly summary)
  • fixing bugs
  • at the end of the month, demo

That would be all for this week and month. If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see you next week!


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