Development status #59

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our fifty-ninth Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

T-34/85 in-game



T-34/85 Interior

The T-34/85 Side

Panzer III J Interior Work in progress

Panzer III J Interior Work in progress

Code Progress:

Our plan was to fix bugs that pop up after our internal tests. There are simply too many issues and bugs that need to be taken care of before we can call the demo to be “good enough” for our community to try out.

Finished tasks:

  • crafting system (yet without proper economy design, just the logic and UI – we need to configure all tanks and their elements with this system)
  • test drive tanks paint room configuration

To do tasks:

  • create test drive tank model for T34/85
  • further optimise the game (the RAM consumption is too big, we need to fix this ASAP before the build can be sent)
  • add extended element configuration (make the same type of element – f.e. tank wheels – switchable between one another and between tanks that have the same type of the element – for instance, T34, KV-1 and KV-2 share some similar elements that the player should be able to switch between)

About the demo:

The main application and the demo are going to be frequently fixed and uploaded until the game release on 29.01.2019. After that the demo won’t receive content updates, just bug fixes (if applicable)

That would be all for this week. If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see you next week!


4 thoughts on “Development status #59

  1. Timothy Kees

    How does one becomea tester? I have 20 years with theUS Army and could maybe give some insight with the game.


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