Development Status #66

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our sixty sixth Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.

Art Progress:

Next productive week for us. We are reworking shaders for the tanks in the game. New transparent shader has been applied to the elements on which we currently do not work. Also we added option in radial menu to preview tank elements conditions – Inspection mode.

Interior of the tank for the restored state also changed by improving shaders and materials.

We are working on improving driving system used on vehicles for example on extraction missions.

Code Progress:

We have fixed various bugs connected with assembly mode and renovation system.

We are now focusing on getting rid of any other bugs, as well as adding suggestions from you. Our main goal is to get the game as polished and accessible as it can be within these few weeks.

Situation report:

We received next batch of keys from Steam. Due to high interest not everyone is going to receive these keys at once. We will randomly choose and respond via mail. We asked Steam for more keys. Sorry for delay

That would be all for this week. If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, write to us at or visit our Discord server (

Have a good weekend and see you next week!


12 thoughts on “Development Status #66

  1. GraWhite

    So you randomly choose who gets keys so someone waiting weeks or longer gets screwed over by someone waiting a few days. This is a pretty shit way to do it.

    1. Developer Post author

      You have to choose an approach when you have less keys than requests. Sorry to disappoint you.

    2. tanman9909

      Respectfully, the devs don’t really have a choice here. Steam will only let them give out so many keys. They weren’t expecting so many people to ask for keys. They’re simply doing their best. It’s a treat that you might even get a key.

      1. SomeDumbGamer

        No they did have a choice….First come, first serve. As they get keys they work down the list from the oldest requests to the newest. This is just bad and I cannot for the life of me figure out why they would do it.

  2. Overlordfr

    Hello !

    My name is Overlordfr and I am writing to you to get a key for your latest game currently under development, Tank Mechanic Simulator.

    In the past we have had the chance to get PARADOX confidence and steam keys to work early on the Stellaris, Surviving Mars and Hearts Of Iron 4 games and DLC’s before their official release.

    With my friend CaptainMoon, we have a constantly growing youtube channel, with more than 1,480 subscribers with more than 15,000 views per month

    We would be happy to work on your game, which seems extremely promising to us, and to share our enthusiasm for your project with our audience.

    We are at your disposal for any questions or needs.

    Overlordfr, for The Overmoon Project

  3. Simon

    Hey folks!

    I’m not here to complain about keys etc – Just wanted to tell you all as dev’s that I am extremely psyched to see this game take off.
    Appreciate what you’ve done so far, and hope that the rest of the process goes smoothly for you all.

    Send in the tanks!

  4. Julian

    Hey Guys i keep it short,
    2019 is a year where many nice game are developed but the most game arent realest yet and i cant wait to play these, so please i want a key because you game is the perfect for me, i f**ing love tanks and i love to build and repair stuff and you game is the best of his kind

    P.S i am german my english is not the best Sorry 🙂

  5. Joseph

    If you could please send me a key I would be happy to play & stream it on Twitch.

    With kind regards,


  6. Jurgen

    Hi devs,

    I can’t wait to get my hands, or should I say tools ;)) on the tanks in the game!
    When I first heard about this game I was sold already. I’ve been playing car mechanic sim for a while and was loving it. So being a huge gearhead and a ww2 fanatic I was so stoked to play it in June 2018. Unfortunatly it got delayed, which was sad because I was really looking forward to this particular game!
    Then later a new release date was announced which was, correct me if i’m wrong fall 2018. After fall ended and no release was made I was dissapointed and also some fear that it might get canceled grew on me. After some time I checked info on the release date and saw that it will come out 29 januari 2019. I was thinking finally it’s going to be released. Now a bit of topic, the release date was on the same day of my drivers exam. Unfortunately I failed by a hair, so that was a huge dissapointment. When I finally got home I checked for the release so it could ease my dissapointment, only to end up with more dissapointment… Since this delay is to put the finishing touches in and make it ready for release, like me putting the dots together for my next exam.. I thought no worries it’ll get there soon. So to wrap up my comment, I really hope to get a key to ease the wait and the dissapointments. I’m not the kind to ask or beg or any but I’ve been thought that you’ll always have a no as answer if you never ask. So here it is.. as I said I’m real exited to play and can’t wait, would it be too much to ask for just 1 key?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,

    WW2 fanatic & gearhead

  7. KKK

    Very well made. But for me the world feels dull. As a player who likes exploration this world feels very limited to me.


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