Development Status #7 – November summary

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our seventh Development Status update.
It is time for monthly development summary, so let’s get straight to business.

TL;DR The development goes forward at stable pace, take a look at the gifs and pictures and have a nice weekend!

What has been done so far:


One of the tasks for this month was to add a working crane system for the workshop.

Crane finished visual features:

  • special crane controller – allows player to move the crane
  • crane should be able to move (with physical collision, no jittering)
  • bridge girder along workshop – to easly get anywhere in workshop
  • trolley along the crane bridge – to match position of the hook with pickable object
  • hook – to attach and relocate heavy objects

Still ToDo:

  • hooking objects procedure – approaching the hook, picking it up, attaching it to hookable element (to ropes or chains around the element)
  • line/rope/chain physics – the hooked object should behave in a realistic way, with all physics working (again, no jittering)

In December we’re going to obtain Caronte FX Unity Engine extension from Unity Asset Store. It contains a different approach to physics in Unity Engine, it also has a system allowing towing, hanging an object on a rope. Will be usefull in crane scenario.

Tools and Equipables

Another big task for this month were tools and equipable implementation. Here they are:


The hammer can be used when standard procedures does not help. Some elements can be fastened to the tank with bolts / screws. When the bolts are very rusty, standard disassembly methods won’t work. We can use hammer brutal force to smash the element or the faulty screws themselves directly (if we can aim well enough) to get rid of the problem.


The axe will become more usable when extraction mode is up and running. With mesh cutting system this tool might give alot of satisfaction 🙂


The grinder for now can be used to cut rusted bolts that fasten an element. While cutting, the element drops to the ground and gets disassembled.
Player can control the grinder position on the element, he can also change the angle of the grinding.

Still ToDo:

Surface cutting and grinding (to grind the rust off the element). Cutting the surface will be available after we obtain a system allowing us to dynamicly cut the mesh of an object. Then we’ll need to find a way to save the fact, that the player has cut the element, where the cut was made and how to load it up.


The flashlight equipable was our first approach to the inventory system. The mechanic will be able to manage his inventory equipment and what he holds in his hands at the moment.

Pistol Wrench

This tool will speed up the disassembly of the bolts.
Bolts can be divided into groups:

  • movable – ready to be disassembled at once without any tool needed. Wrench pistol will unscrew the bolt faster.
  • rusted – cannot be unscrewed without wrench pistol, might be cut by grinder or smashed with hammer
  • rusted in – cannot be unscrewed. Only cutting and smashing works.
  • missing – the bolt is missing. Player might need to buy a replacement.

Shovel (Entrenching Tool)

For now the shovel model is finished, we’re still far from developing the extraction part of the game, where the shovel will be useful.

Next month plans:

  • Physics reworked + fully working physical crane with CaronteFX Unity Editor extension
  • Mesh cutting – for grinder or oxy-fuel cutting equipment
  • Basic player inventory implementation
  • Safety equipment and basic accident system implementation
  • Tiger I tank with new exterior and interior model
  • Forklift
  • More workshop tools
  • Tank parking lot


That would be all for this week and month.

Remember to visit us on our DeGenerals discord server, where we are available most of the day (CEST zone).

Have a good day and see You next week! 🙂


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