Development Status #70

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our seventieth Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.

Situation Report:

A new demo version has been uploaded, version 0.9.27. Check readme file for changelog.

From this week on, while waiting for the premiere, we’re going to show each week a module from the game – for example, how the assembly/disassembly system works.

Wrench Pistol

It’s one of the most useful upgrades available in Tank Mechanic Simulator. There are two types of screws in TMS:

  • rusted screws – marked by red color require special tools to be disassembled (hammer, angle grinder or wrench pistol)
  • movable screws – marked by green color, player can interact with them without special tools

If a part is blocked by rusted screws, the player needs to use:

  • Hammer – hit and forget
  • Angle Grinder – cut and forget
  • Wrench pistol – aim and unscrew

The wrench pistol can be unlocked in the upgrade panel (one of the big tool boxes in the workshop). When unlocked, player can unscrew rusted (red) screws by right clicking on them. No additional tools required.

See the video below for a quick presentation.

Wrench pistol in action

Quad speedometer

Art Progress:

We are working on the development of new content to the game. One of it are new tanks extraction missions. Here are some work in progress screenshots.

We are not stopping and we’re still working on adding other amazing tanks to the game.

PzKpfw IV Ausf. G – Work in progress

Can you guess what tank is it? 🙂

Code Progress:

Since less and less bugs are being reported, we can switch the focus a bit to implementing more suggestions and improvements.

Our plan for April in coding departament:

  1. Tank models loading – instead of loading all tanks at the beginning of the game and keeping them in memory (RAM), we’re going to load only tanks required currently. By saving RAM memory, we’re sacrificing the load time between switching Workshop scene rooms -> for example:
    1. Player has 3 tanks, each is a different type, one inside workshop, two in the yard
    2. When player moves from workshop to yard:
      1. The workshop tank is not disabled (like it is now), but it is completely destroyed and unloaded from the game.
      2. The yard tanks are being now loaded in from the game files, spawned and initiated properly
  2. Tank modules interchangability – the player should be able to switch a gearbox or an engine between tanks, as a whole (not single elements).
  3. Firing range prototype

If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions share it with us! 🙂

TMS Official Discord server –

TMS Official Feedback Tracker

Or write to us at

Have a good weekend and see you next week!


11 thoughts on “Development Status #70

  1. Julien

    vue la forme du tank et le fais qu’il n’y a que 2 tank américain dans le jeux. je parie que c’es le chasseur de char “M36 Jackson”. qui sera ajouté aux jeux.^^

    view of the shape of the tank and that there are only 2 American tank in the game. I bet it’s the “M36 Jackson” tank destroyer. which will be added to the games. ^^

  2. evolution.400

    That would be the M10 Tank Destroyer, used by the US. It was quite effective, though a little unusual. You see, the Americans had an odd idea of what tank destroyers should be. They were lightly armored and fitted a turret… which… other countries, namely Germany and Russia, basically took out the turret of one of their tanks and just plopped in a gun in the body of the tank. In a sense, just a cheaper tank without a turret and making them much more lower in profile. =3

  3. Baragon

    Really excited to see the M10 Wolverine being added and 100% ready to purchase it as soon as it is ready

  4. Jon

    Fantastic Game!
    There is one small issue that the game freezes for about 2 Seconds every 5 Mins or so.
    All in all it is very Smooth and reliable, just that few second Freeze that started after the 69th Update.

  5. Benjamin Coltish

    Can’t wait until we test the other vehicle’s that are planned to be in the game. The “mystery” tank is the M10 Wolverine from America.

  6. Brendan Johnson

    at first, I thought it was a Walker Bulldog but looking at now it see the Wolverine in it.

    also So relived Your fellas are still working hard on this game Can’t wait for release date

  7. saint-martin Virgile

    Super boulot les gars la mécanique de jeu est top, cependant dans vos vidéos on peut voir le déplacement du quad qui n’est absolument pas assez rapide pour être réaliste, on dirait que c’est un quad pour les enfant de 3 ans mais sinon super travail pour les outils , l’extraction des véhicules etc… J’ai vraiment hâte que le jeu sorte enfin !!!


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