Development Status #9

Dear Mechanics!

Welcome to our ninth Development Status update.
Let’s get straight to business.



Crane system is finished. The crane uses Obi Rope system, that allows us to simulate physical rope/chain in our game. Player can control the crane by using the controller:

  • move the hook up or down
  • move the crane trolley left or right
  • move the crane base/bridge forwards or backwards

To hook an object player needs to touch the hookable object with the hook or chain attached to the hook.We’re designing how the process of hooking/unhooking the lift needs to look in the final version.

For now, a popup will appear with question: Does the player wants to hook object A? Same happens when the player wants to unhook the load from the crane (first the load needs to be grounded though).
Lifting the turret. We still need to make the chains connecting the hook chain to the turret more physical. For now its just a static model. Perhaps we will add an option in performance options with different physics simulation presets.

Remember to control the crane with load attached ot the hook with special care. Any collision now might bring alot of damage.

Player will be able to disassemble/assemble liftable tank modules while hooked or when stationary (for example the engine can be interacted with while outside the tank and when it is hooked, turret needs to be put down first).



That would be all for this week.

Remember to visit us on our DeGenerals discord server, where we are available most of the day (CEST zone).

Have a good day and see You next week! 🙂


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