0.9.44 [DEMO]

– Waypoint icon for Drones

– E-mails should have correct descriptions now
– Crafting, Shop and Storage menus now don’t cause problems with data management when player decides to close one of them when the menu loads a tank data
– Upgrade panel should have correct icons for demo only and full only unlocks
– Pressing cancel when Back to Base menu is openend on Extraction missions does not cause game freeze.
– Added additional colliders to jeep and quad, for collision detection when the player exits the vehicle
– Extraction 1 scene should now correctly revert the terrain data after the mission ends

3 thoughts on “0.9.44 [DEMO]

  1. Thomas Lavoie

    I really want this demo because I follow the devlopement of the game
    from the beginning and normaly I don’t like demo because there is nothing in a demo, but the demo of this game is really complete.

  2. louis holdcroft

    id love to test out the game, i have been so keen on playing it ever since i saw it on youtube, the demo for this game looks really good unlike other game demos.

  3. Myasaki

    It’s been around a yea that i’m folowing this game.
    It has gone prety far belive me !
    The only thing sad is that i asked for a key twice, iv’e been waiting for more than 8 month and i sitll didn’t receive nothing.
    I realy wanted to help dev finding bugs, make it more knowned by doing videos on it.


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