0.9.44 [DEMO]

– Waypoint icon for Drones

– E-mails should have correct descriptions now
– Crafting, Shop and Storage menus now don’t cause problems with data management when player decides to close one of them when the menu loads a tank data
– Upgrade panel should have correct icons for demo only and full only unlocks
– Pressing cancel when Back to Base menu is openend on Extraction missions does not cause game freeze.
– Added additional colliders to jeep and quad, for collision detection when the player exits the vehicle
– Extraction 1 scene should now correctly revert the terrain data after the mission ends

33 thoughts on “0.9.44 [DEMO]

  1. Thomas Lavoie

    I really want this demo because I follow the devlopement of the game
    from the beginning and normaly I don’t like demo because there is nothing in a demo, but the demo of this game is really complete.

  2. louis holdcroft

    id love to test out the game, i have been so keen on playing it ever since i saw it on youtube, the demo for this game looks really good unlike other game demos.

  3. Myasaki

    It’s been around a yea that i’m folowing this game.
    It has gone prety far belive me !
    The only thing sad is that i asked for a key twice, iv’e been waiting for more than 8 month and i sitll didn’t receive nothing.
    I realy wanted to help dev finding bugs, make it more knowned by doing videos on it.

    1. Veggie

      Ya I have been waiting about 8 months too and my friend got a key the same month they asked. I emailed them twice, but no response. I really have been wanting to test this game out.

  4. Hitamn

    Я большой фанат второй мировой!!!Когда первый раз увидел про эту игру сразу захотел поиграть
    смотрел повсюду где скачать.Это,это же супер игра!!!У меня есть идеи насчёт новых танков например
    Sturmpanzer II или T-26-4,БТ-3,Tiger II,Tiger Veteran,PZ III B.И ещё много да и очень хочу поиграть хоть и beta мне очень понравилась эта игра!

  5. Hitamn

    I am a big fan of World War II !!! When I first saw this game, I immediately wanted to play
    looked everywhere where to download. This is a super game !!! I have ideas about new tanks, for example
    Sturmpanzer II or T-26-4, BT-3, Tiger II, Veteran Tiger, PZ III B.
    I would like to play this game

  6. Sinanju

    I really tank esspecially game that can can do as mechanic to repair and renew old rush tank of WWII i like to play this demo to test game.

  7. Francisco Serrano

    Hello, I want the demo, I already have the car mechanic simulator 2015 and 2018 I love your Simulation games

  8. Oliver Mullins

    Is demo of this available been watching this since announced, I checked on Steam and no demo.

  9. Caleb

    I am a huge ww2 history nerd and when I saw that a game like this existed, my jaw dropped. From the pictures on steam the game looks amazing, I would love to try the demo. But if not that is alright.

  10. Damoxey

    Hey Guys,
    I just stumbled across your game and i must admit it seems to be quite interesting. I hope the release wont take too long cause i really want to play it.
    Keep up the good work

  11. Francisco Serrano

    Hello please can you pass me the demo of the game thank you very much I like the simulator I can not wait 🙂

  12. Thomas

    Is demo of this available been watching this since announced, I checked on Steam and there is no demo avaliable.

  13. Douglas

    I’ve been watching the development for a while now I cant wait! Can I try out the demo? I would like to see what its like.

  14. Anthony Klem

    I would really like to play the demo please. I’d really love the chance to help with development and bug issues, I read the discord everyday and read all info about the process of making this game and would love to make this game even better then all the other simulators out on the market right now.

  15. Lusitani

    It’s great to see the development of Tank Simulator. How can I apply for the demo? I have been waiting for this game for quite a while…

  16. Robert

    I have been watching and your development improvements are going along awesomely, keep up the good work. Ilook forward to the release of the game or a public demo soon I hope. That way I can quit watching Tank Rescue re-runs and old tanks being pulled from bogs and salvage some of my own tanks 😉

    One question any chance you will be able to customize a tank chassis between models? Such as taking a Panzer 4f and converting it to a H? Or will it be just salvaging what you did up as it is? Still cool just curious.

  17. mathew

    oh my god, i stumbled upon this game a few months ago my jaw dropped, yes i am a military history enthusiast. i have loads of models of ww2 tanks and vehicles. I can’t wait till you have finished developing this game.
    Any chance of getting a copy of the demo as i would like to try this game out.

  18. Roman

    Good whatever time of day applies!
    Your game had to go out in Steam at the beginning of 2019, but to my regret of it did not happen. I would be to you very thankful if you gave to me an opportunity on to test your game!
    I player in WoT and theme of tanks am very near me. I very in detail to everything I belong and would be able to be for you a good tester. I hope that this letter will be read and can be a chance will appear for me)

  19. Vadim

    Hello. I really want to try this game. CMS 2015-2018 impressed me. I would be very grateful if you would give me the key.

  20. Alexandr

    У меня эта игра в жилаемом в Steam стоит с 06 01 2018 очень жду эту игру


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