– Examine, Interaction, Assembly and Disassembly key config
– Extraction Area circle to minimap
– Tank12
– An option to select the level of repairs in Storage menu
– An option to switch modules on turret and engine stands by clicking on the stand (a radial menu opens)
– An option to open customizer panel when clicking on museum stands (the customizer panel opens for selected museum stand)
– Extras with proper Development Statuses
– Added UI for list of tasks for Organizer (initial implementation)
– Added UI for mini-game (initial implementation)
– Added Patch notes panel in Menu (initial implementation)

– Interior lights toggle now works correctly in overview menu
– Weapons and other props now do not dissapear when entering the museum again.
– Tanks in paint room won’t be able to switch to different visual modes
– Sounds for tanks now work correctly, according to the audio settings
– Background UI in Tank Shop
– Correct tutorial for rust removal
– On Fastest quality level setting Screws can be now properly seen from correct distance.
– Weapons and other props have correct icons in museum customizer
– A null ref when player when switching rooms or loading other level could send input to the game, and the game tried to react to the input (for instance, crouch)
– Non-convex warnings when player used the hammer
– Extraction mission should now show correct objective when loading the scene again
– An error when a tank could be spawned and not have a slot assigned
– A null ref when the extraction pump was working
– Problems with Water hose and Punp on extraction missions (disapearing)
– Null refs with MetalDetector logic when player picked up an object while the object was inside metal detector range
– Bug when player was in tablet animation (get to hand) could click on objects in background
– An option to duplicate the museum props when selecting them in museum menu
– Bug when player opened the museum props menu for the first time (nothing was selectable, empty menu)- Metal detector should not dissapear after first drop
– An option to open tablet menu when the tablet animation was playing (this could bug out the menus)
– Extraction location objects on map Extraction3 have correct positions
– Only exclusive fullscreen will now minimize the app when the app focus is lost
– Resetting tutorial state does not cause the game to break and not spawn any contracts
– Tweaked examine mode, the mode stays on when player picks up a tool
– PPSH has correct config
– Customizer in museum now will correctly display prop placement controls (rotation)
– Situation when player could not spawn any contract when the tutorials have been reset.
– Complete overhaul of prop system (weapons and collectables management)
– Tank03 does not have 2 overlapping coaxial mg’s now
– Situation when player could finish extraction mission while the vehicle selector menu was opened. This caused a blocker error.
– Compass behaviour, added Compass Toggle Settings key
– Being unable to select proper key config setting in settings menu
– Separated highlight interesting objects and hint toggle keys
– Tank marks in shop should now be displayed in correct rows
– Display of current objective now correctly displays all required data
– various problems with Storage menu
– an option to exploit the game by opening the Radial Menu while assembling a tank part with screws
– Various problems with language setting loading
– Camera look icon representation – now the minimap should show correct line of sight.
– Crafting parts can be picked from yard Trash each 30 minutes now (previously player could exploit this system)
– Game now checks if there is an empty slot for tank when the player wants to buy a new one from shop
– Increased the price for all tanks and their blueprints.
– Shop manager’s checkout screen now behaves correctly (does not hide all content of the shop)
– River sound is now properly configured with game audio settings
– Popup lists sounds in various menus are now propery configured with game audio settings

38 thoughts on “0.9.57

  1. AfreX

    Можно получить ключ пожалуйста, очень понравилась игра!!
    Can get the key please really like the game!!

  2. TheJStriker

    Can you pleas sent me a demo Key. I saw this game on YouTube and from that point on, I realy want to try it out by myselfe. Pleas sent me a Key

  3. PL_Eisenherz

    Hi Devs,

    i am following you an TMS for quit a Time now. As fellow tank enthusiast it’s nice to see that there are people who put time, knowledge and hard work in such a wonderfull Game. I am waiting impatiently for the the release. But i am aware that time is needet for a good game. Either way i am eager to play the game and ask if it’s possible to get a Beta/Demo key. Pls Continue your hard work and i wisch you the best in ur endeavor. 🙂

    Regards Eisenherz

  4. William

    Is there somewhere i can go to request to be a tester, or to get a key to the demo for this amazing looking game

  5. Yury

    Hello, I really want to play this game, feel the mechanics with the gameplay, and also help you find bugs)

  6. Cukko

    So I saw this game on youtube and I really like it! I would love to try it out. Please send me a demo key!!!

  7. Jesper

    Hello devs
    I ve been following your game for quite some time now and i thinks it amazing you are doing great work Keep it up.
    I really like the detail and design and i like history and tanks so i am really excited to play the game.
    And i would really like to try the demo.

  8. Александр

    Здравствуйте я хочу попробовать вашу игру т. к. Жду её с самого первого поста. Я бы мог купить её прямо сейчас или поиграть демо, я люблю тестировать игры, нахожу много багов и не доработок. Есть ли у меня шанс получить ключ к демо игре. Заранее спасибо

  9. Raul

    gday i saw this game demo on youtube and was wondering weather i might be able to get a demo key. and do we just use the discord to give you ideas and chat about stuff.

  10. Sharkao

    I have been following this game for a while and I would like to have a demo key so i can find any bugs.

  11. Padi

    Hi. This game is a dream come true. As if someone was in my head. I love the program “Poszukiwacze Historii” on Polish television. And this game is like being Olaf Popkiewicz 🙂 So I am asking for a demo.

  12. Саша

    С виду игра хорошая ,а коода посмотрел на ютубе сразу понял что эту игру я обожаю, и немогу дождаться входа хоть осталось 2 дня.


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