– Head bob toggle in settings
– Mouse sensitivity slider in settings

– Storage menu can now be scrolled by using the mouse scroll (previously it was possible only when targeting the mouse over a tank part)
– Key controls are now visible when player opens this menu when ingame (through pause menu, previously it was blocked from sight)
– Screen Space reflection fix (green screen bug with GTX 600 and 700 series)
– Player won’t fall under the map when exiting the quad while upside down

4 thoughts on “1.0.10

  1. QAQ

    There are Korean in setting when the language set to Chinese(simplified). Hope you can fix it soon.
    Looking forward to further upgrades.

  2. Ondrej

    Hey guys. The overall idea of the game is great but the gameflow unfortunately went sideways. Every tank that you dig in reality has some kind of history behind it. Some shell holes, some story of its destruction. But in your game they are simple lego models with some bricks lost and all they require is just A LOT of polishing. It’s not Tank MECHANIC Simulator, it’s Tank POLISHER Simulator. Even unscrewing all the bolts isn’t required most of the time. Feels more like soiltaire at times.

    Which is unfortunate as it’s clearly a project of your passion and the quality of the models is quite good.
    Anyways, still thank you for your work.


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