Release Status #2

Welcome to our second Release status update, where we inform about the state of the game before launch.

This time, the work in progress posters (for the warehouse scene):

Can we control the crane on the Warehouse map or excavators, cranes, trucks etc. on the Extraction map?

Nope. We’ve decided to avoid, for now, trying to implement such gameplay.

The reason is trivial – such gameplay mechanics require a lot of time and skill in physics configuration, so the thing is bug free and looks like the real thing. We have tried implementing the crane lift on the Warehouse map – without success. The crane physics caused massive lag and had big problems to behave like a real life crane.

We’ve decided to suspend this mechanic untill “better time” comes. That is, after the release of Early Access.

Fade out/in substitution

When player wants to move a turret to a turret stand, or to move an engine to a engine stand, he does not need to manually control the crane. He just needs to select proper option from the radial-menu. Then a fade out/fade in process starts, where the turret or engine is actually being moved from one spot to another.

The same goes for the excavation process, on the Extraction map. The player selects an area for excavation works – a popup window appear if the area he select is correct. If it is, the player can accept the excavations, fade out fade in process starts, where the digging is done. Again, no gameplay here for the player.

Are You planning to add such features in future?

Yes, we want to add such gameplay mechanics. Of course, this means more work for us, but more gameplay for the player. This needs to be seriously designed and developed, so it can be a fun and interesting gameplay, instead of a dull and irritating routine.

We will try to update the situation every few days, as our final goal is to cover the whole game and it’s current and planned features.

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