Release Status #3

Welcome to our third Release status update, where we inform about the state of the game before launch.

This time, the newly added Extraction 2 map (still WIP):

Can we test drive the tank?

Nope. The test drive is a game module, that we need to add after the Early Access premiere.

But… why?!

The main reason was the lack of time to implement a driving system for the tanks. That stopped being a problem after we have bought the Physics Tank Maker tool by Chobi from Unity Asset Store (link)

This system allows configuration of any tank driving mechanisms. But it’s still not enough for us to implement this into our game. Most of the time, the tank will not be able to drive – first the player needs to rebuild the tank.

When the tank is rebuilt and the player wants to take the tank to the test drive, how do we know that the tank is in a state, that allows it to drive?

Here we need to add a special manager, that will check if the engine, gearbox, suspension, fuel system, wheels and tracks. If all mentioned modules are in place and are rebuilt, the player can start the engine and drive around the yard.

What if the player also wants to rotate the turret? What if the player wants to turn the lights on or off? What if the player wants to shoot?

All this needs to be implemented in order to call the test drive to be fun and playable game mechanism. We want to add more gameplay to the test driving, so the ride won’t be as dull as one can think.

Maybe You have an idea for this part of the game? Write to us on TMS Facebook site, or visit our Discord server.

We will try to update the situation every few days, as our final goal is to cover the whole game and it’s current and planned features.

Have a good day,


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